terms and conditions, cookies, privacy policy

terms and conditions, cookies, privacy policy

Terms and Conditions

Tru-tutu.com on-line shop is owned by Andrzej Wrona. Full company name and address: TRU Bike Adventure Andrzej Wrona, ul. Leśna 6, 42-256 Olsztyn, Poland. EU VAT number: PL 9491834416, NIP: 9491834416, REGON: 369577430, e-mail: info@tru-tutu.com, registered in Poland with CEIDG ( Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej ) lead by the polish Minister of Economy.

§1. Definitions

1. Client – a natural person or an organisation unit that is not a legal person, that is making an order using tru-tutu.com on-line shop.
2. Seller – the subject selling  goods via tru-tutu.com, in complience with the terms and conditions below.
3. Terms and conditions – above document clarifying terms and conditions applied to on-line shopping at tru-tutu.com, in compliance with local law: art. 8 ustawy z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną (Dz.U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz. 1204 including following updates).
4. On-line shop –internet service available at tru-tutu.com, allowing the Client to order goods on-line.
5. An order – Client’s statement of type and number of goods they are willing to order using tru-tutu.com online service, resulting directly in a Sales Agreement between the Seller and the Client.
6. Goods – products displayed on tru-tutu.com on-line shop that are the subjects of sales agreements.
7. Sales Agreement  – as per the Civil Code – an agreement between the Client and the Seller at the tru-tutu.com on-line shop.
8. The Civil Code – legal act dated on the 23rd of April 1964 (Dz.U. Nr 16, poz. 93 including following updates).
9. Consumer Rights Act– legal act dated on the 30th of May 2014, about Consumer Rights (Dz.U. z 2014 r. poz. 827).
10. On-line services regulations –  regulations dated on the 18th of July 2002, about on-line services  (Dz. U. Nr 144, poz. 1204 including following updates)

§2. General Terms and Conditions

1. Following document states terms and conditions of using tru-tutu.com on-line service, in particular:
– registration and using the account on the tru-tutu.com on-line shop,
– ordering goods on-line at tru-tutu.com
– Sales Agreements via services at tru-tutu.com
2. The main condition of making an order on tru-tutu.com is reading thr Terms and Conditions document and accepting its statements when the order is being made an processed.
3. To be able to make an order the Client needs to have an active e-mail address and have an access to a device with an active Internet connection.
4. Clients can access the Terms and Conditions document at any time from the website’s menu. The document can be also downloaded and printed out.

§3. Terms of usage of the on-line shop.

1. Browsing and viewing the goods and prices does not require creating of an account. Making an order is possible only after accepting the Terms and Conditions:

    • after registration in the on-line shop by filling in an accepting the registration form on tru-tutu.com website,
    • without registration by entering data necessary to process the order

2. A Client can be immediately refused to use the tru-tutu.com on-line service, or have a resticted access to some parts of the shop and its services in case of breaching the Terms and Conditions by the Client, especially when:

  • the Client has given untrue, incomplete, not up to date or misleading information at the registration, or checkout, and when this information might result in any damage to any Third Party;
  • the Client’s actions via tru-tutu.com on-line service have caused any damage to any Third Party, especially to the other Clients of the tru-tutu.com on-line shop.
  • the Client’s actions are believed to be against the law or against the general rules of using the Internet and may result in a damage to the good name of tru-tutu.com

3. Clients are obliged to:

  • not providing any content that is aginst the law (i.e. violence, rascism ) or any content that might cause damage to Third-Party;
  • using the on-line shop in a way that does not stop the shop to able to function normally;
  • using the content available at tru-tutu.com only for their own personal use;
  • using the on-line shop in compilence with the applicable laws and gerenal rules of using the Internet;
  • not proceeding with any actions against the Terms and Conditions or against any applicable laws and regulations;
  • not undertaking actions like: sending or publishing marketing information using the tru-tutu.com on-line shop;
  • using the on-line shop in a way that is not disturbing the other Clients to use the service;

§4. Ordering

1. To order a product one must visit tru-tutu.com, choose the product(s) they would like to order and follow the instructions and information displayed on the website.

2. The order is valid when the Client fills in the order form correctly including contact details like the address which is to be used to deliver the goods to, the phone number and email address. In case these details are incomplete the Seller will contact the Client. If the contact is not possible , the Seller can cancel the order.
3. During the order procedure, the Client can modify the order details until they confirm the order by clicking the PLACE ORDER button.
4. Informations about products displayed on the website are a commercial offer as stated in art. 66 of The Civil Code.
5. The Sales Agreement becomes valid when  the Order is received in our system and the details given are correct and complient with the Terms and Conditons. Order will be confirmed with a confirmation message.

§5. Delivery

1. Delivery will be made using details provided by the Client when making an order.
2. Delivery charges are shown to the Client during making an order.
3. Delivery agents used depend on the destination country and are:
a. couriers;
b. standard post ( Poczta Polska )
4. We do not provide a local pick up option.

§6. Payment options.

1. Product prices for users outside Poland are shown in Euro currency and include Polish VAT ( 23% ). Product prices do not include shipping charges.
2. Available payment options:
Direct Bank Transfer;
3. We can process the order only after receiving the full payment into our bank account or receiving a confirmation of payment from PayPal.

§7. Cancellations

1. Clients who order on-line, are entitled to return ordered items in the period of 14 days from the date when the goods are delivered to the Client. The Client must inform the Seller about the cancellation. The cancellation notification needs to be sent via an email or standard post within those 14 days. A sample cancellation form can be downloaded from the link below.
Cancellation Form – CLICK HERE to download. You will need Adobe Reader to open this document. Download Adobe Reader from here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
2. The Seller is obliged to issue a refund to the Client including the cost of purchase and the shipping cost associated with the order in amount not greater than the cheapest shipping option available for the order, not later than 14 days after the canellation notification is received by the Seller. The Seller can hold on with the refund until they receive the goods that are being returned or until they  receive a confirmation from the Client proving that the products have been sent back (whichever occours first).
3. The Goods are to be returned immediately and not later than 14 days from the cancellation.  Items need to be returned to Sellers address.
The Client is responsible for lowering of the vaule of the product that is caused by the use of the product beyond the necessary actions needed to determine the products characterisitcs. The Client will cover the return postage fee. If the goods, that are being returned, originally came in a bundle, or with a promotional item ( i.e. Promotions like : „Buy one get one half price”, „Free accesory when you buy a product” ) then all the items have to be returned.
4. If the ordered product is a service on demand, product made to order, and the production has already started but the Client decides to cancel the order ( within the time allowed for the cancellation ), then the Client is obliged to cover the cost of production until the day when the order was cancelled. The amount due is calculated proportionally ( from the agreed amount ) to how advanced the stage of production was when the order was cancelled. If the product was pre-paid, the Seller will refund the difference. If the price is too high then it will be calculated from a market value of the service that is the subject of the agreement.
11. Clients are not entitled to a cancellation or a refund when:

  • Client ordered a service and the Seller has completed the ordered service with the Client’s agreement and the Client was previously informed (before the start of the service) that as soon as the ordered service is completed, the Seller would lose the right to a cancellation;
  • when the price depends on an unstable financial market that the Seller has no influence on, and some unstable events and distuptions might occour before the end of the 14 day period when the cancellation is possible.
  • when product or porducts that are ordered are made to Client’s specifications or to suit his individual needs;
  • when product is bought on a public auction;
  • when digital content is ordered and the making of the content not saved on a drive has already started and the Client was previously informed about the loss of the right to cancel such order.

§8. Warranty returns

1. If the product is faulty, The Civil Code clarifies how the Seller is responsible.
2. Any warranty issues need to be reported to Seller’s e-mail address – info@tru-tutu.com or to Seller’s mail address. We recommend the Client describes the following:

  • information about the fault including the date, type of fault, and circumstances in which it was discovered;
  • Client’s expectations and demands on what to do with the product and its fault to achieve its complience with the Sales Agreement;
  • contact details

3. The Seller is obliged to deal with the issue not later than 14 days from the warranty claim. No answer from the Seller within the 14 days, means the Seller accepts the warranty claim.

§9. Your private data at tru-tutu.com.

Privacy policy and cookie policy have been covered in detail in the PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIES section ( scroll down the page to find them )
While we advise on reading the full privacy statements, the main statements are covered below:
1. The Seller is the Administrator of the private data collected via tru-tutu.com on-line shop.
2. Clients’ personal data is collected to properly fulfill the Sales Agreement therefore they are submitted to:

    • delivery agents responsible for delivering the orderd items (like couriers and Poczta Polska);
    • subjects responsible for processing on-line payments (PayPal)

In case of using the contact form provided on tru-tutu.com, private data is processed only to reply to the enquiry.
3. Clients can view or amend their personal data.
4. Clients provide the details voluntairly but not providing of the required details might result in the Seller not being able to proceed with the order or/and to fulfill the Sales Agreement.
5. Tru-tutu.com do not intend to send marketing information like newsletters to the Client.

§10. Gift cards (BONBONs)

1. A Gift Card (BONBON)  can be purchased at www.tru-tutu.com online shop.
2. BONBON can be topped-up by any value between 5 and 1000 Euro, allowing the user to order products at tru-tutu.com not later than untill the expiry date printed on the vocuher.
3. After the payment reaches our account, the Client will receive their BONBON along with a unique code, sent via email to their email address provided at the checkout.
4. To use a BONBON, the person will need to send us an emial at info@tru-tutu.com. The email message should contain the list of items the person is willing to order and the BONBON must be attached with the message.
5. A BONBON acan be used to order products available ‘in-stock’ at tru-tutu.com on-line shop. A BONBON cannot be used to buy any other BONBONs or vouchers.
6. In case the basket amount exceeds the value of the voucher, the person, who is making an order, will need to cover the cost of the difference. In case the basket amount is lower that the value of the voucher, the difference will not be refunded.
7.  A BONBON can not be exchanged for money.
8. A TRU BONBON will be valid for 3 months from the day of purchase.
9. A BONBON can be used only once.
10. We do not hold responsibility for a lost, a theft or any other form of losing of the unique BONBON code.

§11. Ending statements

1. Sales Agreements with Polish users are made in Polish language and with any other users the Sales Agreements are made in English.
2. The Seller reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions when it is necessary due to important circumstances like the changes in the law, changes in available shipping or payment methods and other factors that determine that the complience with the Terms and Conditions and fulfilling of the Sales Agreements are possible to achieve.
3. Any issues thay may arise between the Seller and the Client, who in relation to art. 22[1] of the Civil Code is a consument, and are not covered in the above Terms and Conditions document will be a subject to resolve by appropriate courts.
4. Issues that may arise between the Seller and the Client, who in relation to art. 22[1] of the Civil Code is not a consument, will be a subject to resolve by courts appropriate to tru-tutu.com’s registered location.
5. Issues not covered by this document will be treated in compliance with the Civil Code, the on-line services regulations and other applicable regulations.


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What are cookies used for?

We use cookies for the following reasons;

– For marketing purposes for example, to display personalised banner

– To identify you as you travel around our site and to monitor your journey and record sales. This enables us to identify issues and improve our customer journey.

– To suggest/display recommended products, similar products, products often bought together.

– To provide information about site usage, which together with purchase information, helps us improve our services.

– To ensure that items are placed into your Shopping Basket and your order is processed correctly. Once placed in the basket, your items remain there as long as you’re logged in and they can be associated with your account. In order to remove them from the cart you need to manually empty the basket. Keep this in mind in case if you revisit our shop after a while and log-in. After the log-in procedure, please check for any items that might have remained there from your previous visit and, if necessary, amend the list before going to checkout and making an order.

– to check your location. For some countries we have provided purchases in local currencies.  Therefore, our system checks your location to be able automatically display your currency (when this option is available for your county).

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