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Bank Transfer

If you choose “Bank Transfer” as your payment method, a screen with your order number and order details will be displayed – you should get the same info in an email sent to the email address provided by you at the checkout. The email will contain our bank account number and further information on the order. Please read the email carefully and follow instructions. .

Remember about using the order number as the title of your transfer. Payments are made in EURO currency to our EURO account. We are not responsible for any additional bank fees involved nor we have any influence on the currency exchange factors used by the banks so please double check that with the relevant banks. The name of our bank will be stated in the email. Contact us if in doubt.

No goods will be dispatched until the order is paid in full – that means – when the payment reaches our account – the time will depend on the bank. For overseas payments it might take from 2 to 7 working days. Sometimes more. For instant payments use PayPal ( card payments via PayPal are possible too ).

PayPal ( including secure Card Payments via PayPal )

If you chose PayPal as the payment method, after hitting the PLACE ORDER button, you will be brought straight to the PayPal gate where you can use your PayPal account to pay or you will be able to use your credit/debit card via the gate provided and secured by PayPal. We do not store your payment details at any stage.  You will receive an email informing you about the status of your order. PayPal is a well known payment method – more info on their website : .


You can check the shipping cost at any time – just add an item/items to the basket and use our SHIPPING CALCULATOR on the CART page. Select the destination country and then hit the UPDATE TOTALS button to calculate the cost.

Also – the shipping cost will be calculated automatically at the CHECKOUT after you enter your address – please watch how the Total Amount of your order adjusts after adding the relevant shipping option.

We send items “IN STOCK” latest on the next working day after receiving the full payment. We use courier services or standard post. Different shipping methods and prices are available depending on the destination address – see checkout area, fill in the address details and watch the shipping cost being adjusted in the Total Amount area.

If your country is not listed in the shipping area, please contact us directly to find out about shipping cost and options.

We do not send stuff on Saturday or Sunday.


The status of your order can be checked at any times if you have an account with us ( MY ACCOUNT button – main menu ). This can be set up during the first order. Then you have access to all your orders and are able to view the order history.

If you use the “guest checkout” option, you will not be able to view the history of your orders or to check the status of your order.

However, whether you have an account with us or not, at any stage that is involving a change of your order status, you will be receiving an email. If a tracking number for the shipping is available, you will receive it in the email too.

All emails will be sent to the email address you provide at the checkout so please make sure it is correct.

Always check your SPAM box when you expect an email from us and it’s not arriving. If it’s not there either, contact us first to avoid doubling up of your orders. Any doubled up orders that are not cancelled will be dispatched as normal.



If you need to cancel an order, contact us immediately.

Returns, Customer Rights, Terms and Policies including the Privacy Policy and Cookies have been covered on the Terms and Conditions page. Click here to open an extrenal link with the Terms and Conditions .


Order by going to SHOP in main menu. Click on a product and you will be brought to product’s page. Choose size first. You can change the quantity here or later in the cart area. If more categories are available ( ladies’, men’s, accessories ) a side-bar will be displayed on a desktop computer allowing you to switch between the categories.



This feature shows related products – lets say you bought a jersey and we have a kids’ jersey in the same colours available, or an accessory that we think goes well with it – then we will put those items in the Related Products window. Of course it’s limited to a few items. To view the full range, use the SHOP area and look through manually.



Our stock is pretty much as displayed on the website. If you’re interested in any items that are not in stock at the moment, please contact us on   info @    and we will see if we can help.

You can use product’s SKU number in case you need to contact us about a particular item.

It might happen that when two orders made at the same time for the same item with limited stock, the first who orders it will receive a confirmation email, the other person will receive an error that selected item is no longer in stock.



Cart area allows you to change quantities and remove items from the basket. If you have an account with us or simply have visited the shop before, the “cookies” we use might be responsible for some items you previously left in the basket to remain there on your next/current visit. More about on how we use “cookies” in an external link – click here.



You can use the “guest checkout” option ( just leave the “Create an accout” checkbox empty ). The other option is to create an account on the first order – to do so, tick the “Create an accout” checkbox. You will be asked to enter your password ( you need to come up with one ). Your email address will be used as the user name. Creating an account saves your data in our system so the next time you log-in the checkout data will be filled in as you left it at the time of your last order ( make sure those details have not changed in the meantime ).

To proceed, double check the data entered and your items in the basket + their quantities. Fill in all the necessary data, remember to agree to shop’s Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy Policy. You can use links provided next to the checkboxes to find out more about those. Click here to open a new page with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

You can specify a different shipping address.

Hitting the “PLACE ORDER” button at the checkout area will result in making an order that you will be required to pay for.  Payment methods have been described at the top of the page. Click here to scroll up to payment methods. No products will be dispatched until the order is paid in full ( for the Bank Transfer method it means the order will be dispatched when the paymet reaches our account – the times vary and depend on the banks ).

Going through either payment gateway will result in displaying a confirmation message with order details. Also – you will receive a confirmation email with order details. Usually the emails are delivered straight away, but please allow some time for them to arrive. If you’re sure you have entered the email address correctly but you do not get the confirmation email in a few minutes, please check your SPAM box. If it’s not there, contact us.

If you make an order by mistake and already get a confirmation email, please contact us immediately about the cancellation and state clearly that you need to cancel the order. Otherwise, if paid but ignored, the order will be dispatched as normal.

Shipping has been covered in a paragraph at the top of the page. Click here to scroll up to shipping methods.



If you require a VAT invoice please use the designated field to enter your company details and a VALID VAT NUMBER. In case your company is registered in the EU and you are entitled to a ZERO VAT purchase please do not use the checkout but contact us on info @ with the list of items you wish to order, clearly stating size/colour options if available. We will send you a separate order confirmation email and explain how to proceed with the payment.

Please note we can send the goods only to your registered Company Address associated with your valid VAT number.

Please note: ZERO VAT purchases are processed individually outside the automated system so the emails are not sent by the system, please allow some time for us 24h to reply – however we will do our best to contact you back asap.



If your country is not listed in the shipping area, please contact us directly.



If you are ordering more items to stock at a shop or you’re interested in becoming a reatiler, please contact us directly.



We do not focus on custom orders  in general ( teams or stuff with a custom logo ), but if you think you have an offer that might be interesting, please contact us directly. Asking costs nothing.


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